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Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is a "DD-Router" ?

A "DD-Router" is a standard WiFi/NAT router used for sharing a Internet connection. You probably already have one in your home or office. The difference with our routers is that they have been factory flashed with the DD-WRT firmware. Unlike most routers, even brand name ones like Linksys, NetGear, D-link etc., a router with DD-WRT software is able to dial a PPTP VPN or OPENVPN connection and share it with any connected device on your network. It is perfect for connecting your game consoles or media players or multiple computers from one location.

2- Can i just flash my current router?

Yes and no. DD-WRT can be installed on many but not all router models and is a risky procedure that can permanently damage the router. Linksys routers are very popular for this purpose and generally work fine with DD-WRT.

However, getting your main router to dial and share a VPN requires custom code and firewall settings that are difficult to figure out. The easiest method is to add a second router to your network. You can either buy and flash a second router yourself or buy our factory flashed and tested "DD-Router".

3- Will it work with my personal vpn account?

The "DD-Router" should work with any PPTP VPN account. In some cases encryption, compression and MTU settings might need to be adjusted for best performance.

4- Is OPENVPN supported?

The OpenVPN module is not installed by default on this router. You can add it yourself if needed. The router can be flashed to latest DDWRT firmware with OpenVPN Module easily from the admin interface.

5- Can i connect VOIP devices to the router?

Yes, you can connect a Vonage phone, Skype phone or Magic Jack to the router but please note that you "might" need a VOIP compatible VPN account. In most cases this will include a Dedicated IP with all ports open and compatible with the SIP protocol. For Skype and other NAT-friendly voice software the router will work fine with any pptp account but please ask your provider.

6- Do you offer refunds?

Yes! Send the router back in original condition within 14 days for a full refund.

7- Is it really FREE shipping worldwide?

Yes! The cost of shipping is included in the price. VAT at 17% is charged on EU orders.

8- Which vpn providers are supported?

Our 'DD-Router' has been tested with the following service providers but should work with any PPTP service: BananaVPN, LibertyVPN, StrongVPN, HappyVPN, BlackLogic, IAPS, VPNaccounts.com, Vypr, Foxyvpn. We can also test your account and configure the router for you.

9- What devices can i connect to the router?

Generaly you can connect any internet enabled device you may have. Most users use a VPN enabled router for their Apple TV, Xbox, PS3 or Media Players. Some use it for IPads to watch BBC Iplayer from abroad or for Vonage Phones or similar Voip devices. Modern TVs like Samsung and Sony have inbuilt internet and widgets for Hulu, Netflix, Pandora etc so you could connect those to the router too.







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