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Setting up the DD-WRT control panel for the first time (available in HD)

Connect the WAN port of the DDWRT router to any LAN port of your current router/modem, then configure as bellow.

1. Wi-fi on DDWRT is on by default, connect to the DD-WRT wi-fi network.
2. Open web browser and enter to access the DD-WRT control panel.
3. Click on SETUP and login with root / admin.
4. Change connection type to PPTP (DHCP Enabled)
5. Now enter server IP address next to Gateway (PPTP Server)
6. Enter account details

• Username: xxxxxxxxxxx
• Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx

7. Click on MTU and set to manual and enter the value 1372 (or try with AUTO)
8. Under Network Setup change subnet so that it is different than main router.

• Router IP > Local IP Address :
• Subnet mask

9. Enter Static DNS

• Static DNS 1 as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
• Static DNS 2 as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

• Click on SAVE

10. Click SECURITY tab

• Under FIREWALL: Disabe the SPI firewall and click SAVE.
• Under VPN Passthrough: Enable PPTP and click SAVE

11. Click on ADMINISTRATION, scroll to the bottom and click on REBOOT ROUTER
12. Router IP now changed to
13. Secure the wireless network

• Click Wireless security
• Any would work, I used WPA2 Personal
• Enter a WPA Shared key which will be the WiFi password for this router.
• Click on SAVE.

14. Click on Administration and reboot the router once more.

15. Now you can connect to the DD-WRT network configured with VPN by using the WPA key assigned in step 13.






Here we unbox the router for the first time showing you the box contents as you would get them. Available in Stylish White only.




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